Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Knittin' Around the Christmas Tree

I have this big, lofty goal of knitting an ornament every year. I like the idea of slowly building up a tree full of hand knit ornaments. Even more, I like the idea of my kids and grandkids fighting over the hand knit ornaments after I give up the ghost.

Have I ever actually knit an ornament? No. (I'm not counting the half a snowflake I crocheted one time.)

Do I think about it every year? Yes.

Did I find some really cute patterns that make me wish I actually would do it this year? Oh, yes.

1)      Snowball Buddies - These popped up in the Hot Patterns a couple days ago, and if they don’t make you want to cry with cuteness, I don’t know what will. What is it about turning critters into round balls that increases their rate of adorableness so sharply?
2)      Oatmeal the Snowman - Okay, so it’s too big to be a tree ornament. But since it’s knit with a bulky yarn, I bet if you really wanted to hang it on your tree, you could do it with a fingering weight yarn instead and make it a manageable size. I already have the perfect bulky in my stash, so this is in the Christmas queue for my mom.
3)      Owl Puffs - A couple years ago I sewed an owl garland out of funky, modern red and green fabric. I liked it so much, I left it up after Christmas was over and it might have stayed up forever if it hadn't started falling apart. (Ribbon quality issues.) Anyway, these Owl Puffs are a similar shape, and I love that you could just make one in a holiday color, or you could go crazy and garland your whole house. There are some amazing Christmas Owl Puff examples here! And here! And here! Just remember, there’s no place like home for the hoo-lidays.
4)      Matryoshka Doll Ornament Pattern - I have a thing for Russian nesting dolls. I think I would have to knit at least three. Small, smaller, and smallest.
5)      Stjarna - There are many stars on Ravelry, but this one is particularly beautiful. I love it in the white shown on the main pattern page.
6)      O Christmas Tree - You can knit a tree. To put on your tree! It’s the very definition of meta. This one is six bucks, which prompted me to make an unpleasant face, but then I saw that it comes in an e-book with three other cute ornament patterns and I relaxed. They're all quite cute, but the tree is my favorite (and coincidentally, the most favorited.)
7)      Holiday Mice - I am in love with these mice. They are wearing hats! Clearly this makes them delightful and civilized. I want to knit one, if only to find out what happens If You Give a Mouse a Beret. I hope there is a French accent involved. (On the other hand, if you would rather act out A Christmas Carol than hang them on your tree, I think the Dickensian Mice are just the ticket.)
8)      Cabled Globe Ornament - This one is simple, classic, and I know it would knit quickly in a worsted weight. I believe the pattern calls for it to be stuffed, but I noticed some clever Ravelers have modified the pattern to wrap around a glass ornament. So if you have some really ugly ornaments, you now have the option to cozy them.

I feel like this could be the year!

Have you made a cool ornament for your tree? Do you have cool handmade ornaments that someone else in your family made? I'd love to hear about it!

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  1. I have the same dreams. I made the cabled globe as a gift, and...she still hangs it on the tree which I suppose is a success. I've also made a wee birdy ornament as a gift. Ornaments are small and satisfying knits, and I don't know why I don't churn more out. But OMG THE REINDEER SNOWBALL BUDDY. That might have to happen.